What do students need to know about the biology of schizophrenia? – dopamine hypothesis and neural correlates

Revised spread

There does seem to be some confusion over what students need to know about the biology of schizophrenia and whether the ‘dopamine hypothesis’ and ‘neural correlates’ are separate topics. AQA have decided that they are and should be taught separately. We have now amended the text for the one relevant spread in the Complete Companion (Dog book) […]

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Antipsychotic drugs

A German study just published by Moritz and colleagues provides an interesting insight into antipsychotic drugs used in the treatment of schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. Data was collected by asking psychiatric patients to complete a questionnaire about their experiences in taking antipsychotic medication for their mental disorder. The conclusion was that such drugs are effective […]

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Treatments for schizophrenia

PSYA4 June 2012 had a question which asked ‘Outline one biological therapy and one psychological therapy for schizophrenia.’ The mark scheme included the following: ‘Therapies such as psychoanalysis and psychosurgery have been used for schizophrenia in the past but are no longer generally considered suitable. A general outline of these techniques which are not made […]

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