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    I was wondering if its known whether on a question about schizophrenia therapies, biological or psychological, they can ask just about a therapies’ effectiveness or appropriateness? so if they say outline a therapy and evaluate its appropriateness, this would mean book material about effectiveness would be irrelevant?
    Also, in a question about Schizophrenia explanations could they ask for a specific explanation? So, psychological explanations including the socio-cultural approach?



    I doubt you would be asked a specific question on ‘appropriateness’ alone, as this is largely implied if the therapy you are evaluating is appropriate for the disorder in question. However, you could be asked a question on ‘effectiveness’ as this actually makes some sense (i.e. does the therapy actually work?) or even one on ‘appropriateness and effectiveness’, where provided you were covering whether the therapy worked, you would be answering the question.

    If an explanation appears as an example on the specification, you cannot be asked to write about it. They are just that…examples.




    great, thank you so much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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