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    Hi, I’m not sure how to answer this question:
    “”Outline and evaluate psychological research into belief in near-death experiences (4+6 marks)”

    I know factors underlying belief in anomalistic in general are things like coincidence, magical thinking and personality factors but I can’t think of any which are applicable to NDEs.

    Also if we were asked for an explanation of psychic mediumship could I outline cold-calling for AO1 and then suggest how personality factors can cause sitters to fall for the fraudalent tactics (eg suggestible, vulnerable, neurotic, critical thinking) and cite research to support this (eg believers were more taken in during a mock seance – Wiseman) for AO2?

    I’m not sure how to distinctly write my AO2 so it doesn’t get marked AO1 in anomalistic

    Thank you






    I’m sorry, this is Cara’s chapter so perhaps she might respond to your question. AQA have a peculiar definition of research as ‘theories and/or studies’ so that might help.

    I don’t quite understand your concern as the latest edition of the A2 Complete Companion has a clear division into AO1 and AO2 for the areas you have identified and plenty of material for you to use to answer such questions.



    Sorry I am away on holiday and haven’t had internet access. I agree with Mike in not quite understanding your problem. The exam question you mention is specifically answered on the spread about NDEs, which gives clear AO1 and AO2. You appear to be overcomplicating the answer by trying to bring in other areas of the anomalistic psychology specification. You are simply required to write about 100 words of AO1 (describe 2 or 3 studies or explanations) and then evaluate them in the same way that any study or explanation might be evaluated (about 150 words which is 3 or 4 criticisms).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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