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I got sent details of a lovely new website a while back. It has test questions, resources, filmclips, a shrine to Sigmund Freud… what more could you want?

Less pleasingly, it carries on the preoccupation with cats that has so bedevilled psychology of late. I appreciate the marketing genius of designating a textbook ‘The Cat Book’ - it is, after all, the first word anyone learns to spell, so brand recognition is pretty much guaranteed, but I am, it must be said, generally troubled by catowners. Such folk are only encouraged by the internet. I saw one post something online the other day along the lines of: ‘Love your cat, they only live to love’…… tell that to your local songbird population.

I think it’s important to point out to folk that YOUR CAT DOES NOT LOVE YOU. Indeed, it’s possible to establish online that your cat hates you. Go and have a look. You may question the validity of this questionnaire as a research tool (and if you’ve finished unit one, you should be rather good at this), but let’s face it, is it any easier to establish if a baby loves you?


(pic: A cat blunders into the Ames Room)

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